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1. Xiangchao Meng, Hong Ren, Xiaokang Yang, Tienan Tao, Zhigang Shao*. Experimental study of key operating parameters effects on the characteristics of proton exchange membrane fuel cell with anode recirculation, Energy Conversion and Management, 256:1-11, Article 115394, 2022

2. 郭丹丹,滕越,迟军,姚德伟,俞红梅*,邵志刚,缪春辉,高强。碱性水电解非贵金属析氧催化剂的研究进展,可再生能源,40(01)21-262022

3. Ziyi Huang, Bo Lv, Li Zhou*, Tao Wei, Xiaoping Qin, Zhigang Shao*. Ultra-thin h-BN doped high sulfonation sulfonated poly (ether-ether-ketone) of PTFE-reinforced proton exchange membrane, Journal of Membrane Science, 644: Article 120099, 2022

4. Tao Wei, Wei Song*, Xiaokang Yang, Endao Zhang, Ziyi Huang, Hongjie Zhang, Hongmei Yu, Zhigang Shao*. Degradation behavior of proton exchange membrane fuel cells under hydrogen starvation in freezing conditions, Journal of Power Sources, 521: Article 230898, 2022

5. Jiajun Wang, Jiangtao Geng*, Manli Wang, Xuezeng Hu, Zhigang Shao*, Hongjie Zhang. Quantification on degradation mechanisms of polymer exchange membrane fuel cell cathode catalyst layers during bus and stationary durability test protocols, Journal of Power Sources, 521: Article 230878, 2022

6. Yong Gou, Haiping Chen, Ruiyu Li, Jiangtao Geng, Zhigang Shao*. Nb–Cr–C coated titanium as bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cells, Journal of Power Sources, 520: Article 230797, 2022

7. Hong Ren, Xiangchao Meng, Yongli Lin, Zhigang Shao*. Structural stability of catalyst ink and its effects on the catalyst layer microstructure and fuel cell performance, Journal of Power Sources, 517: Article 230698, 2022

8. Bo Lv, Hang Yin, Zhigang Shao*, Zoujie Luan, Ziyi Huang, Shucheng Sun, Yue Teng, Chunhui Miu, Qiang Gao. Novel polybenzimidazole/graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets composite membrane for the application of acid-alkaline amphoteric water electrolysis, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 64: 607-614, 2022

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