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1、 Dahui Fang, Lei Wan, Qike Jiang, Hongjie Zhang, Xuejun Tang, Xiaoping Qin, Zhigang Shao*, Zidong Wei*. Wavy PtCu alloy nanowire networks with abundant surface defects enhanced oxygen reduction reaction, Nano Research, 12(11): 27662773, 2019

2、 吕波,邵志刚,瞿丽娟,何良,衣宝廉。PEMFC用聚丙烯/酚醛树脂/石墨复合双极板研究,439:1488-14912019

3、 Feng Xie, Xueqiang Gao, Jinkai Hao, Hongmei Yu, Zhigang Shao*, BaolianYi. Preparation and properties of amorphous TiO2 modified anion exchange membrane by impregnation-hydrolysis method, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 144: Article104348

4、 Feng Xie, Zhigang Shao*, Ming Hou, Hongmei Yu, Wei Song, Shucheng Sun, Li Zhou, Baolian Yi. Recent progresses in H2-PEMFC at DICP, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 36: 129-140, 2019

5、 侯明,邵志刚,衣宝廉*。车用燃料电池电堆比功率提升的技术途径探讨,中国工程科学,213):1-82019

6、 Dahui Fang, Hongjie Zhang, Liang He, Jiangtao Geng, Wei Song, Shucheng Sun, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Facile Synthesis of Nanoporous PtEncapsulated Ir Black as a Bifunctional Oxygen Catalyst via Modified Polyol Process at Room Temperature, ChemElectroChem, 6(14): 3633-3643, 2019

7、 Yanyan Gao, Ming Hou*, Liang He, Manman Qi, Haiping Chen, Shaojing Hong, Yongyi Jiang, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. A new insight into the stability of nanofiber electrodes used in proton exchange membrane fuel cells, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 42: 126-132, 2020

8、 Feng Xie, Zhigang Shao*, Xueqiang Gao, Jinkai Hao, WeiSong, Hongmei Yu, BaolianYi. Facile preparation of porefilled membranes based on poly(ionic liquid) with quaternary ammonium and tertiary amine head groups for AEMFCs, Solid State Ionics, 338: 58-65, 2019

9、 Haipeng Guo, Shucheng Sun, Hongmei Yu*, Lu Lu, Hongfeng Xu**, Zhigang Shao. Proton exchange membrane fuel cell subzero start-up with hydrogen catalytic reaction assistance, Journal of Power Sources, 429: 180–187, 2019

10、 Dahui Fang, Xuejun Tang, Limeng Yang, Dongyan Xu, Hongjie Zhang, Shucheng Sun, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Facile synthesis of Pt-decorated Ir black as a bifunctional oxygen catalyst for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions, Nanoscale, 11: 9091-9102, 2019

11、 邵志刚,衣宝廉。氢能与燃料电池发展现状与展望,中国科学院院刊,344:469-4772019

12、 孙树成, 邵志刚, 俞红梅。SPE水电解池膜水传递研究,电源技术,433:472-473+535

13、 Xueqiang Gao, Hongmei Yu*, Bowen Qin, Jia Jia, Jinkai Hao, Feng Xie and Zhigang Shao*. Enhanced water transport in AEMs based on poly(styrene–ethylene–butylene–styrene) triblock copolymer for high fuel cell performance, Polym. Chem., 10: 1894-1903, 2019

14、 Xuejun Tang, Dahui Fang, Lijuan Qu, Dongyan Xu, Xiaoping Qin, Bowen Qin, Wei Song, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Carbon-supported ultrafine Pt nanoparticles modified with trace amounts of cobalt as enhanced oxygen reduction reaction catalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells, Chinese Journal of Catalysis 40 (4) : 504–514, 2019

15、 Guang Jiang, Hongmei Yu*, Jinkai Hao, Jun Chi, Zhixuan Fan, Dewei Yao, Bowen Qin, Zhigang Shao*. An effective oxygen electrode based on Ir0.6Sn0.4O2 for PEM water electrolyzers, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 39: 23-28, 2019

16、 Lijuan Qu, Zhiqiang Wang, Xiaoqian Guo, Wei Song, Feng Xie, Liang He, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Effect of electrode Pt-loading and cathode flow-field plate type on the degradation of PEMFC, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 35: 95-103, 2019

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