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Fuel Cell System Science & Engineering Research Center (DNL0301) is a unit of Fuel Cell Division, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences. The center includes five affiliated groups with a close cooperation and unified management, forming the unique research feature for scale-up from key materials to devices then to systems. The center, formerly evolved from the group (DICP301) which started fuel cells-related research in the 1960s, was reorganized in 2018 and currently headed by Prof. Zhigang Shao. The center has nine professors, six associate professors, fifty seven staffs and more than forty graduate students.

Prof. Shao, together with his team, has made innovative breakthroughs in the technological transformation of hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cells and proton exchange membrane water electrolysis. In particular, we developed the advanced hydrogen-air fuel cell system which was for the first time successfully equipped in unmanned/manned aircraft in China. We successfully built automatic production line of metal bipolar plate-based fuel cell stack with independent intellectual property rights, which was licensed to AnHui Mingtian Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. By collaborating with State Grid AnHui Electric Power Corporation of China, we successfully accomplished pilot project of MW-class power station based on hydrogen fuel cell and water electrolysis technologies developed by us. In addition, we established Guochuang Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd with other partners in 2021. So far, we have published more than 300 SCI papers and applied more than 400 invention patents (over 210 patents authorized).

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