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1、 王胜利,侯明*,赵卿,邵志刚*。燃料电池双极板Ti/Cr/CrN薄膜改性研究,电源技术,4111:1558-1560+16202017

2、 Jinkai Hao, Xueqiang Gao, Yongyi Jiang, Feng Xie, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Fabrication of N1-butyl substituted 4,5-dimethyl-imidazole based crosslinked anion exchange membranes for fuel cells, RSC Adv., 7: 52812-52821, 2017

3、 Qing Zhao*, Ming Hou*, Shangfeng Jiang, Jun Ai, Limin Zheng, Zhigang Shao. Enhanced sulfur dioxide electrooxidation performance on a modified XC-72 carbon catalyst, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 21(11): 3113–3120, 2017

4、 赵亚,俞红梅*,宋微,迟军,邵志刚。电催化合成酸性过氧化氢的研究,419):1287-12912017

5、 Hongjie Zhang, Yachao Zeng, Longsheng Cao, Limeng Yang, Dahui Fang, Baolian Yi, Zhigang Shao*. Enhanced electrocatalytic performance of ultrathin PtNi alloy nanowires for oxygen reduction reaction, Frontiers in Energy, 11(3): 260-267, 2017

6、 Zhiqiang Wang, Yachao Zeng, Shucheng Sun, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Improvement of PEMFC water management by employing water transport plate as bipolar plate, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 42(34): 21922-21929, 2017

7、 高学强,俞红梅*,贾佳,刘艳喜,邵志刚。用于碱性膜燃料电池的SEBS基阴离子交换树脂,电源技术,417):989-9932017

8、 Shaojing Hong, Ming Hou*, Yu Xiao, Zhigang Shao, Baolian Yi. Investigation of a High-Performance Nanofiber Cathode with Ultralow Platinum Loading for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells, ENERGY TECHNOLOGY, 5(8): 1457–1463, 2017

9、 Yongyi Jiang, Jinkai Hao, Ming Hou*, Shaojing Hong, Wei Song, Baolian Yi,  Zhigang Shao*. A novel porous sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone)-based multi-layer composite membrane for proton exchange membrane fuel cell application, Sustainable Energy&Fuels, 1: 1405-1413, 2017

10、 Jia Jia, Hongmei Yu*, Xueqiang Gao, Jun Chi, Bowen Qin, Wei Song, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. A novel cathode architecture using Cu nanoneedle arrays as the cathode support for AAEMFC application, J. Mater. Chem. A, 5: 14794-14800, 2017

11、 Yongyi Jiang, Ming Hou*, Jinkai Hao, Baolian Yi, Zhen Wang, Wei Song, Zhigang Shao*. Enhanced durability of sulfonated poly (ether ether ketones)-based polymer electrolyte membranes by a multi-layer composite technology, Solid State Ionics, 309: 33-40, 2017

12、 Longsheng Cao, Shangfeng Jiang, Geng Zhang, Xuejun Tang, Xiaoping Qin, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Fabrication of a highly dispersed Pdcore@Ptshell electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction, Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 38 (7): 119612062017

13、 Shaojing Hong, Ming Hou*, Hongjie Zhang, Yongyi Jiang, Zhigang Shao, Baolian Yi. A high-performance PEM fuel cell with ultralow platinum electrode via electrospinning and underpotential deposition, Electrochimica Acta, 245: 403-409, 2017

14、 Bowen Qin, Hongmei Yu*, Jun Chi, Jia Jia, Xueqiang Gao, Dewei Yao, Baolian Yi and Zhigang Shao*. A novel Ir/CeO2–C nanoparticle electrocatalyst for the hydrogen oxidation reaction of alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells, RSC Adv., 7, 31574-31581, 2017

15、 Hongjie Zhang, Prof. Baolian Yi, Shangfeng Jiang, Yachao Zeng and Prof. Zhigang Shao*. Three-Dimensional Assembly of PtNi Alloy Nanosticks with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity and Ultrahigh Stability for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction, CHEMELECTROCHEM, 4(6): 1436–1442, 2017

16、 曹龙生,蒋尚峰,秦晓平,邵志刚*,衣宝廉。单分散的超小PtCu合金的制备及其氧还原电催化性能,中国科学:化学,475:683-6912017

17、 Yachao Zeng, Xiaoqian Guo, Zhiqiang Wang, Jiangtao Geng, Hongjie Zhang, Wei Song, Hongmei Yu*, Zhigang Shao* and Baolian Yi. Highly stable nanostructured membrane electrode assembly based on Pt/Nb2O5 nanobelts with reduced platinum loading for proton exchange membrane fuel cells, Nanoscale, 9: 6910-6919, 2017

18、 Qing Zhao, Ming Hou*, Shangfeng Jiang, Jun Ai, Limin Zheng, Zhigang Shao. Excellent Sulfur Dioxide Electrooxidation Performance and Good Stability on a Fe-N-Doped Carbon-Cladding Catalyst in H2SO4, J. Electrochem. Soc., 164(7): H456-H462, 2017

19、 Shaojing Hong, Ming Hou*, Yachao Zeng, Zhigang Shao, Baolian Yi. High-Performance Low-Platinum Electrode for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: Pulse Electrodeposition of Pt on Pd/C Nanofiber Mat, CHEMELECTROCHEM, 4( 5): 1007–1010, 2017

20、 Limeng Yang, Yangzhi Bai, Hongjie Zhang, Jiangtao Geng, Zhigang Shao* and Baolian Yi. Nitrogen-doped porous carbon derived from Fe-MIL nanocrystals as an electrocatalyst for efficient oxygen reduction, RSC Adv., 7: 22610-22618, 2017

21、 Xueqiang Gao, Hongmei Yu*, Jia Jia, Jinkai Hao, Feng Xie, Jun Chi, Bowen Qin, Li Fu, Wei Song and Zhigang Shao. High performance anion exchange ionomer for anion exchange membrane fuel cells, RSC Adv., 7: 19153-19161, 2017

22、 Yachao Zeng, Zhigang Shao*, Hongjie Zhang, Zhiqiang Wang, Shaojing Hong, Hongmei Yu*, Baolian Yi. Nanostructured ultrathin catalyst layer based on open-walled PtCo bimetallic nanotube arrays for proton exchange membrane fuel cells, Nano Energy, 34: 344-355, 2017

23、 Shangfeng Jiang, Baolian Yi, Qing Zhao, Hongmei Yu* and Zhigang Shao*. Palladium–nickel catalysts based on ordered titanium dioxide nanorod arrays with high catalytic peformance for formic acid electro-oxidation, RSC Adv., 7: 11719-11723, 2017

24、 Jun Chi, Hongmei Yu*, Bowen Qin, Li Fu, Jia Jia, Baolian Yi, Zhigang Shao*. Vertically Aligned FeOOH/NiFe Layered Double Hydroxides Electrode for Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 9 (1): 464–471, 2017

25、 Yachao Zeng, Xiaoqian Guo, Zhigang Shao*, Hongmei Yu*, Wei Song, Zhiqiang Wang, Hongjie Zhang, Baolian Yi. A cost-effective nanoporous ultrathin film electrode based on nanoporous gold/IrO2 composite for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis, Journal of Power Sources, 342: 947-955, 2017

26、 Shengli Wang, Ming Hou*, Qing Zhao, Yongyi Jiang, Zhen Wang, Huizhe Li, Yu Fu, Zhigang Shao*. Ti/(Ti,Cr)N/CrN multilayer coated 316L stainless steel by arc ion plating as bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cells, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 26(1): 168-174, 2017

27、 Jinkai Hao, Yongyi Jiang, Xueqiang Gao, Feng Xie, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Degradation reduction of polybenzimidazole membrane blended with CeO2 as a regenerative free radical scavenger, Journal of Membrane Science, 522: 23-30, 2017

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