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1、 Jia Jia, Hongmei Yu*, Xueqiang Gao, Li Fu, Jun Chi, Wei Song, Baolian Yi, Zhigang Shao*. A Novel Cathode Architecture Using Ordered Pt Nanostructure Thin Film for AAEMFC Application, Electrochimica Acta, 220: 67-74, 2016

2、 Jun Chi, Hongmei Yu*, Guangfu Li, Li Fu, Jia Jia, Xueqiang Gao, Baolian Yi and Zhigang Shao*. Nickel/cobalt oxide as a highly efficient OER electrocatalyst in an alkaline polymer electrolyte water electrolyzer, RSC Adv., 6: 90397-90400, 2016

3、 Jinkai Hao, Yongyi Jiang, Xueqiang Gao, Feng Xie, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Degradation reduction of polybenzimidazole membrane blended with CeO2 as a regenerative free radical scavenger, Journal of Membrane Science, 522: 23-30, 2017

4、 Shangfeng Jiang, Baolian Yi, Qing Zhao, Hongjie Zhang, Yang Su, Hongmei Yu* and Zhigang Shao*. A PtPdCu thin-film catalyst based on titanium nitride nanorod arrays with high catalytic performance for methanol electro-oxidation, RSC Adv., 6: 82370-82375, 2016

5、 Shangfeng Jiang, Baolian Yi, Longsheng Cao, Wei Song, Qing Zhao, Hongmei Yu*, Zhigang Shao*. Development of advanced catalytic layer based on vertically aligned conductive polymer arrays for thin-film fuel cell electrodes, Journal of Power Sources, 329: 347-354, 2016

6、 Qing Zhao, Ming Hou*, Shangfeng Jiang, Shengli Wang, Jun Ai, Limin Zheng and Zhigang Shao. Investigation of a Fe–N–C catalyst for sulfur dioxide electrooxidation, RSC Adv., 6: 80024-80028, 2016

7、 穆聪,侯明*,杜超,梁栋,邵志刚*Pt合金催化SO2 电化学氧化反应的研究,电源技术,406:1199-1201+12362016

8、 蒋尚峰,衣宝廉*。有序化膜电极研究进展,电化学,223):213-218, 2016

9、 Yangzhi Bai, Baolian Yi, Jia Li, Shangfeng Jiang, Hongjie Zhang, Zhigang Shao*, Yujiang Song*. A high performance non-noble metal electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction derived from a metal organic framework, Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 37(7): 1127-1133, 2016

10、 Guangfu Li, Hongmei Yu*, Donglei Yang, Jun Chi, Xunying Wang, Shucheng Sun, Zhigang Shao, Baolian Yi. Iridium-Tin oxide solid-solution nanocatalysts with enhanced activity and stability for oxygen evolution, Journal of Power Sources, 325: 15-24, 2016

11、 Shangfeng Jiang, Baolian Yi, Hongjie Zhang, Wei Song, Yangzhi Bai, Hongmei Yu*, Zhigang Shao*. Vertically Aligned Titanium Nitride Nanorod Arrays as Supports of Platinum–Palladium–Cobalt Catalysts for Thin-Film Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Electrodes, CHEMELECTROCHEM, 3(5): 734–740, 2016

12、 Longsheng Cao, Geng Zhang, Wangting Lu, Xiaoping Qin, Zhigang Shao* and Baolian Yi. Preparation of hollow PtCu nanoparticles as high-performance electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in the absence of a surfactant, RSC Adv., 6: 39993-40001, 2016

13、 Hongjie Zhang, Baolian Yi, Yachao Zeng, Shangfeng Jiang, Yongyi Jiang, Yangzhi Bai, Zhigang Shao*. One-pot facile synthesis of PtCu coated nanoporous gold with unique catalytic activity toward the oxygen reduction reaction, RSC Adv., 6: 40086-40089, 2016

14、 张芳芳,周利,徐洪峰,邵志刚。泡沫镍作集流体对锂硫电池性能的影响,电源技术,403):550-5532016

15、 侯明,衣宝廉。燃料电池的关键技术,科技导报,346:52-612016

16、 Longsheng Cao, Geng Zhang, Shangfeng Jiang, Xuejun Tang, Xiaoping Qin, Xiaoqian Guo, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Enhancing the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Performance by Modifying the Surface of Platinum Nanoparticles, CHEMELECTROCHEM, 3(2): 309–317, 2016

17、 Xiaoqian Guo, Yachao Zeng, Zhiqiang Wang, Lijuan Qu, Zhigang Shao*, Zhanhui Yuan*, Baolian Yi. Improvement of PEMFC performance and endurance by employing continuous silica film incorporated water transport plate, Electrochimica Acta, 191: 116-123, 2016

18、 Xiaoqian Guo, Yachao Zeng, Zhiqiang Wang, Zhigang Shao*, Baolian Yi. Investigation of porous water transport plates used for the humidification of a membrane electrode assembly, Journal of Power Sources, 302: 84-91, 2016

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