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1、 迟军,俞红梅,李光福,王浚英,邵志刚。催化层树脂含量对APEWE性能的影响,电源技术,3912):2635-26382015

2、 Yongyi Jiang, Jinkai Hao, Ming Hou*, Hongjie Zhang, Xiaojin Li*, Zhigang Shao, Baolian Yi. A new microporous layer material to improve the performance and durability of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, RSC Adv., 5: 104095-104100, 2015

3、 郝金凯,姜永燚,王禛,李晓锦,邵志刚,衣宝廉。高温质子交换膜燃料电池用聚苯并咪唑/聚乙烯基苄基交联膜的制备与性能研究,电化学,215):441-448, 2015

4、 Jinkai Hao, Shuchun Yu, Yongyi Jiang, Xiaojin Li, Zhigang Shao, Baolian Yi. Antimony doped tin oxide applied in the gas diffusion layer for proton exchange membrane fuel cells, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 756: 201-206, 2015

5、 Yuan Gao, Ming Hou, Zhigang Shao, Changkun Zhang, Xiaoping Qin and Baolian Yi. Highly effective oxygen reduction activity and durability of antimony-doped tin oxide modified PtPd/C electrocatalysts, RSC Adv., 5: 69479-69486, 2015

6、 赵卿,梁栋,侯明,邵志刚,胡军。电位模式对碳毡电极上SO2脱除的影响,电源技术,397):1400-1403

7、 吴博,付宇,侯中军,衣宝廉,林国强。燃料电池不锈钢双极板CrC薄膜表面改性研究,电源技术,397):1397-1399+14512015

8、 吴博,付宇,侯中军,衣宝廉,林国强。燃料电池不锈钢双极板CrN/CrC薄膜表面改性研究,电源技术,396):1222-12242015

9、 Cong Mu, Ming Hou, Yu Xiao, Hongjie Zhang, Shaojing Hong, Zhigang Shao. Electrochemical Oxidation of Sulfur Dioxide on Nitrogen-Doped Graphite in Acidic Media, Electrochimica Acta, 171: 29-34, 2015

10、 Jinkai Hao, Xiaojin Li, Shuchun Yu, Yongyi Jiang, Jiangshui Luo, Zhigang Shao, Baolian Yi. Development of proton-conducting membrane based on incorporating a proton conductor 1,2,4-triazolium methanesulfonate into the Nafion membrane, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 24(2): 199-206, 2015

11、 Xunying Wang, Linsong Zhang, Guangfu Li, Geng Zhang, Zhi-Gang Shao, Baolian Yi. The influence of Ferric ion contamination on the solid polymer electrolyte water electrolysis performance, Electrochimica Acta, 158: 253-257, 2015

12、 Shucheng Sun, Yu Xiao, Dong Liang, Zhigang Shao, Hongmei Yu, Ming Hou and Baolian Yi . Behaviors of a proton exchange membrane electrolyzer under water starvation, RSC Adv., 5: 14506-14513, 2015

13、 Changkun Zhang, Hongmei Yu*, Li Fu, Yu Xiao, Yuan Gao, Yongkun Li, Yachao Zeng, Jia, Baolian Yi, Zhigang Shao*. An Oriented Ultrathin Catalyst Layer Derived from High Conductive TiO2 Nanotube for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell, Electrochimica Acta, 153: 361-369, 2015

14、 Shangfeng Jiang, Baolian Yi, Changkun Zhang, Sa Liu, Hongmei Yu*, Zhigang Shao*. Vertically aligned carbon-coated titanium dioxide nanorod arrays on carbon paper with low platinum for proton exchange membrane fuel cells, Journal of Power Sources, 276: 80-88, 2015

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